Decorative - Specialty - Trim Threads

Bag Closing

High tenacity heat stabilized engineered polyester, poly/cotton, and cotton thread for bag manufacturers and closers


Soft thread made to mark and then be removed from the material

Blanket Stitch

Heavy thread for edging blankets and garments

Button Hole Gimp

Heavy thread to reinforce and make distinctive button holes

Carpet Thread

As the name suggests

Elastic Thread

Covered rubber for smocking

Embroidery Thread

Polyester, core, or rayon for decorative stitching and filling in designs

Flame Retardant

Thread to meet flammability standards for children's sleepwear


Special processed cotton used extensively in the fur trade and for air jet weaving

Hand Skeins

Nylon used for hand felling in fine tailoring


Usually gold or silver, but also available in other colors, for decorative stitching and trims


Natural and synthetic mainly used for fine tailoring and for pearl and necklace stringing


Heavy thread for decorative stitching and sheering


Special poly wrap/nylon core for extra stretch and recovery on swim suits and stretch fabrics


Heavy monofilament nylon for filler and special heavy applications where stiffness is required


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